Taking Measure of @mybromptoncemetery



Taking Measure @mybromptoncemetery

The ground plane of Brompton Cemetery is set out formally and orderley using measured grids or shapes to allow for the practicalities of graves, this can be viewed from an aerial or plan view of Brompton Cemetery. 

As part of the base research into the cemetery a temporary device was used as a method for taking measure of the landscape. Through investigation the taking measure project aims to measure this order and compare it to the modern day use of the cemetery. This project aims to capture the personal experiences of the users of Brompton Cemetery and to measure and view this through social media.

The physical device employed to invite participation into this project are stickers with the hashtag #mybromptoncemetery placed for a short period of time on the information boards scattered throughtout the site.

The resulting posts from intagram and twitter are displayed along with the information from the incredibly helpful team at Inkmill Vinyl 

Social Media 

Installation of device

Vinyl sticker installation Instructions