Erith Urban Glasshouse



Erith Urban Glasshouse

Through research and interviews there is notable disconnection between the existing centre and the old High Street. Green infrastructure is non existent in the modernist shopping centre and limited to only amenity grassland, overgrown and unkempt municipal shrubberies and a small handful of trees on the other high street side of town. The shopping centre is dissected from the high street and waterfront by the bus terminus which creates a polluted and unsatisfactory landscape.

However it was clear that there used to be a great soul in Erith, the old Department stores of the high street and the markets brought pleasure and a sense of community to the area, this can be seen in the popularity of the Riverside Shopping Centre.

This project aims to resolve this balance by reconnecting the existing modernist shopping centre to the much neglected and unused high street, by creating a clear central focus to Erith, reintroduce the markets and department stores whilst creating a new green infrastructure and public space and gardens predominantly under cover for residents and visitors alike. Trees and public art should mitigate the environmental impact of heavy vehicular traffic. This will be further enhanced by moving the existing bus terminus which currently dominates the landscape character of the centre of Erith.

View of Terraces

Base Plan

The Idea

The Mezzanine

Concept Sketch influence taken from The Barbican Conservatory.