Deptford Station Quarter



View of new cycle entrance

The expectation is that by 2050 more than 70% of the world population will live in urban areas. The annual rate of growth for Greater London is expected to be around 100,000. This will be seen greater than ever in daily journeys,
therefore it is necessary to create a more efficient transport system for London.

Key to this success is the bicycle, cycling has trebled over the last decade. With Intervention and good infrastructure London could become a cycling city of the future rivalling its European counterparts.

This project aims to create a new transition area and social transport hub for cyclists and pedestrians opening up the public realm site and allowing permeability at Deptford Station Quarter.

Encouraging people to use bicycles will mean less crowding on tubes, less pollution, less congestion, less competition on the roads and for parking. Cycling will promote a healthy lifestyle and many other benefits, easing pollution, congestion and improving the local sustainability rating. Creating a better network will improve links, open up access, make the area free-flowing, and give a safe route for cyclists to Deptford Station

Incorporating the existing development within Deptford, through research the project takes into account the existing cycling, use of public space, modes of transport and obstructions to flow within the area. Focusing on bicycle integration and parking, design intentions, and opening areas to improve visibility, safety and awareness.

Deptford Station Quarter 

Research base map diagrams

Design collage

Operational diagram 

These drawings show the design intention with improved circulation, new flows, spatial plans and views the redesigned Deptford Station Quarter would bring to the area. 

Process diagram 

These drawings show actual journeys made by cyclists in London from in diagram form translated from interviews.