Brompton Cemetery is unique in the fact that it has a series of at least twenty mausoleum built predominantly along the central axis of the cemetery. Many trees were planted in the original design including an avenue of Lime trees leading from the entrance almost all of the way to the catacombes.

The cemetery was layed out to replicate a cathedral with a central access and highly architectural buildings.

The masterplan intentionally opens up Mausolea to create within Brompton Cemetery a series of events and activities which both focus on community involvement whilst also generating revenue.To develop the infrequently used inside spaces for practical, artistic and co-working design studios. Co-working is a flexible, collective and voluntary working idea. Social enterprises and start up businesses frequently use co-working facilities.

Woodland Mosaic@ Courtoy mausoleum

Brompton Cemetery is currently only performing burials for people who already own plots, it is used by the public in a very restricted manner. Although it has a healthy and well established ‘friends of’ group the cemetery has developed into a green space dedicated to the heritage of the cemetery and leads a fragile and dormant existence. It was amongst one of the first of the Victorian cemeteries within the garden cemetery movement being designed for public use, enjoyment and recreation amongst the beautiful setting of the memorials and sculptures, paid for by the wealthy.

The proposed design posits the return of Brompton Cemetery from its existing Sacred and very restrictive use to a more relaxed, informal and inclusive Secular public park whilst retaining it’s sacred features, the first phase of this proposed change is the relaxing and opening up of the mausoleum. 

Sketches depicting the activities that would spill out into the
landscape from the change of use of the Mausoleums. The cycle
repair mausoleum and coffee pod, the painting studios during an
open studios weekend, the Holistic Exercise Yard and the pathway
leading through the Woodland Mosaic

Painting studios@ Carrie mausoleum

Woodland Mosaic@ Courtoy mausoleum


Mausoleum location diagram

Mausoleum Research Diagram

Sketched base plans